• Yulia Shadan

Abyaneh Red Clay Village, Iran

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

One of the Oldest villages in Iran made of brick and Red Clay

We couldn't just pass through and not visit this place. 

The historical Village of Abyaneh is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites...

It was an early morning, as we were on our way from Kashan to Esfahan (Isfahan). The road was pretty deserted, no cars passed us or met us on the way. As well as we we were passing by some protected (probably military) sites, taxi driver asked us not to take photos and hide away our cameras, so no one would even think we want to take photos. That was very different experience...

Here is a little gallery of the #village insides. Many people are still wearing clothing the would wear hundreds of years ago, this is why it is such a #unique and #gorgeous place to visit. You feel like you are at someones home, not a house - #Home.

The bread making shop still uses ancient way of making bread, to be hones whole Iran uses one of those old ways, thats why the bread is just irresistible and it's always on the table of every local family.

We've recorded a little video of walking through the village. But nothing will show you the perfect mood and vibe, except your personal visit to this village!

Defifnitely put Abyaneh on your Bucket List!

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