• Yulia Shadan

Ambury Regional Park in Auckland

We were invited to Ambury Park at Manukau Harbour for a family bbq by our friends, which we haven't seen for a few months.

They did tell us there are a few domesticated animals to have a look at at the farm nearby (as they've got a 9 month old baby). We love animals so we were looking forward to Saturday twice as much. Of coarse Yulia took her camera to do a few shots around the place.

The day was pretty cold and even few areas of Auckland got soaking wet of heavy rain, it didn't stop us at all. We didn't have time to look around the whole place, but what we've seen made us to fall in love enough :)  

Farm animals encounter from horses to little baby chickens, cows, sheeps and peacocks will melt your heart. So much great positive energy around the place and absolute reconnection with natural way of life.

Lots of gas and charcoal BBQs for a perfect picnic, camping grounds, cycling tracks and walking.

We definitely will be back to see and experience all of what the park has to offer.

Its a perfect place to forget the busy city life of Auckland and reconnect with nature and cute domesticated animals. The've also got milking and feeding shows - everything you want and can't see being a city person.

This is the map of the whole place, which you can download in full size from the Auckland City Council website (by clicking on the image).

Visit official website to know more about Ambury Regional Park and other beautiful places you can visit in Auckland.

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