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Holiday began. Best Western Hotel, Seoul

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

It's not that fast and simple to travel basically anywhere from New Zealand. To get to our first destination (Sakhalin Island in Far East of Russia) we had to book a 12 hours flight through one of Asian countries. We chose South Korea (Incheon Airport in Seoul), where we had to stay overnight. This gave us half a day to experience another culture, try some authentic national cuisine and attempt to speak one more language (we were not as successful in Korean).

After super long flight we found ourself quite satisfied and relieved when we arrived to our free hotel (Best Western next to the Airport), using free shuttle (supplied by a hotel). All of that was organised by our travel agency - yes there is a free stuff on the way.

We were vey pleased with quality of service and hotel overall. Korea met us with a smile and smooth beginning of our long honeymoon trip. (Though we had to start it separately as Arash had to stay at work for a couple more days).

Pretty cute, spacious and cosy hallways.

Was it us or the time of the year - quiet and peaceful place, like there was no one else staying there, though quite a few people in a bar/restaurant on the main floor. Well what's not to love about it after 12 hr flight :)

Elevator selfie is a must, especially when you    feel fresh after hot shower, changed your          airplane clothes and excited to have authentic  Korean dinner - favourite spicy Pork Kimchi.

After dinner on the way back I talked to mom, wi-fi was complimentary, which anyone would be so happy about! Plus they offer complimentary light drink at the bar. Perfect way to finish off the day and prepare for another day of adventure.

Off to Russian Sakhalin Island, my home!

Keep an eye on the blog!

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