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Russia, U.A.E. and Iran - unusual honeymoon destinations

Fifteen cities, Eleven Airports, Ten flights, Ten hours time difference, Four languages, Four countries, Two families, One big life-time experience.

Thats us, Arash & Yulia, Iranian from Shiraz and Russian from Sakhalin Island, living in Auckland, New Zealand.

What a sweet word - honeymoon. Sometimes it lasts for a week, sometimes for a few months, ours one took a month and a half (yes, lucky us) and we've decided to go to a very unlikely destinations for a honeymoon: Russia (which included Sakhalin Island, Siberia and Moscow), UAE (Dubai) and Iran (which included Tehran, Ramsar, Abyaneh, Kashan, Persepolis and Shiraz).

We both haven't been home for many years- Yulia was away for 7 years and Arash for the whole 17 years. We can't wait to share our experience about all those countries, maybe confirm what you've heard about it or hopefully surprise you with how its different to what you heard! 

We thought a lot about dates of a trip, as we were going to countries with different timezones (to be exact, we went through all of them), temperatures and clothes (yes, as you know Iran is an Islamic country and there are some restrictions on what you can and can not wear). In Russia it was beginning of Autumn (with average temperature about +20°C), in Dubai (average temperature at the time of our trip was +33°C), in Iran (end of summer from +20°C to +32C), we also had to consider humidity levels, as +30°C in Siberia is different to same temperature in Dubai.

Long story short, the last dates of August were chosen for a starting point of our honeymoon.... That time of the year was perfect to still get warm days in Russia and by the time we'll visit all desired places in Yulia's homeland, we'll reach already cooler days in both UAE and Iran.

With hours of videos and 100-s of gigabytes of photographs we decided there is no better way to share our experiences with family and friends, than to finally start a little blog :)

We hope You'll find it interesting and maybe even educational!

Keep an eye on the blog!

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