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What to Wear? Fashion in Iran.

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Here we come!

Persia (Iran)- the land of hospitality, history, great food and childhood memories - the homeland of my husband Arash.

I've heard so many stories, saw so many pictures and watched so many videos. But most of all Persia became so close for me long before I even thought of visiting it. My husband is from there - my family, so I felt like I was going home in some sense...

Strangely enough Persian culture is so similar to Russian.

I'd never believe if anyone would tell me this, but now I know what Im talking about :)

First you'll need to apply for #visa.

If you are #female your photo will need to be with #ScarfOn. I love head scarfs - so I was looking forward to wearing it for an official document.

We got #married #first, so for us many questions dropped. In Iran you can't just be boyfriend and girlfriend and hang out together, walking on the streets next to each other holding hands.

Think Clothes!

For guys its pretty straight forward what to wear, the only thing to remember is DO NOT bring clothes with offensive/ aggressive wording on it and NO rude or illegal writing (common sense).

With girls it a little bit more complicated regarding clothes. 

While you are inside your hotel room you can wear anything you want, but as soon as you come outside, even if you want to have a glimpse behind the door - please cover your legs, shoulders and hands and of coarse have your scarf/shawl on.

As you can see on the images below, leggings, jeans or some sort of pants woman need to wear always, also remember its good for your clothes to be made of natural fabrics like #cotton, otherwise, day or night you'll be #boiling.

#Scarves. I took six scarves with me of different colours and patterns. Sometimes I feel like I'm not into wearing particular colour on a particular day or occasion... just to make sure you are happy with your look and  you are colour coordination freak like me - its a very good idea to have a few of them.

#Dresses and #Trousers put on together are very in fashion at the moment, so I was enjoying my shopping before the trip, as I knew I'm going to wear something I'd wear in either of my home countries (Russia or New Zealand), and not feeling awkward. Girls are quite fashionable in Iran, so if you don't know what exactly to buy, just bring one set of clothes and you'll definitely will buy some awesome stuff over there!

#MakeUp My favourite. Local girls and women do wear make up on a daily basis, and trust me its pretty stunning, so don't be shy if you are into wearing make up everyday - its absolutely acceptable! You'll see how facial enhancement including plastic surgery are quite popular in Iran, even after operations you can see some girls wearing plasters on the nose and be proud of it...

The last picture is just a bit extreme in terms of head scarves, as half of the head is not covered and the neck of the girl on the right is open - you wouldn't want to risk it like that, there are still quite religious people who will let you know that thats not the way. I'd rather wear things the proper way, not risking it being told off by someone on the street.

Remember there is Religious Police undercover in Iran, so follow the rules to avoid unnecessary moments. Otherwise you'll enjoy it! Fashionista will definitely find some new pieces for her clothes collection. Great experience !

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