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Mt Cook, Snow & Scenic Flights

Updated: Feb 4, 2020


Who would've thought that on my birthday Im going to fly around Mt Cook in a little Cessna plane! When we say 'spontaneous' thats exactly the type of decision we made while passing through the Mountain Village.

Spectacular and absolutely beautiful flight, which at the same time was an introduction of Cessna plane to me, the same type of plane Arash is flying for his Pilot License.

I wasn't sure how to feel about it, to be excited or worried - its a tiny plane, but I really wanted to understand and maybe feel the same buzz he feels every time he flies.

So here we are, surrounded by mountains and turning to the Mt Cook Airport.

Airport looks almost invisible under the weight of mighty mountains. This fact is absolutely amazing in this case - we should be a part of nature, try to blend in and embrace it.

I felt calm and confident, because I knew exactly (well 90%) how it'll all go, as I've seen so many videos of planes performing in the sky. Obviously I'm interested in whats my husband doing when in Ardmore Airport in Auckland :)

We were very lucky with our pilot. Great guy with thousands of flying hours. He never wanted to be a pilot for passenger airlines, Why would you, if you are a nature lover and meeting tourists from different countries every day anyway. Plus living next to this mighty mountains has a bit of romance in it.

Built by the Cessna Aircraft Company in USA, the C185-F is the ultimate workhorse of the aviation industry.

The colours and patterns of river are incredible.

We literally and metaphorically felt under the wing, thanks to our experienced and very friendly pilot.

I could not believe how close to the mountain we were flying, it seemed like you could touch the glacier. When I've asked the pilot how he knew it's safe to fly that close to the mountain, he answered: "If you only knew how huge is the mountain and how still far away we are from it!"

Unbelievably high and it's hard to imagine that this tiny stripe is a road we took to come to the airport.

Watching planes taking off always gave me the buzz of travelling. I love airports for this feeling. Feeling of adventure and new exiting events in life.

Flying around the Mount Cook and seeing the ground from small and mighty Cessna plane was definitely a worthy experience!

You can visit their website for more information and big choice of incredible experience:


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