• Yulia Shadan

Piha Beach at Night, West Auckland

Situated on the west coast of the North Island, 40 kms from the city of Auckland, this black iron-sand beach has a reputation for awesome surf which rolls in over the #TasmanSea.

The southern end of #Piha beach is guarded by Taitomo Island or Camel Rock, with further south, The Gap. The northern end of the beach is guarded by Lion Rock or Whakaari.

From the 1930s Piha was discovered by sportsmen who tested their prowess with Hawaian surf boards, surf boats and body surfing. Malibu board riding arrived in 1958 and Piha has ever since been a popular destination for surfers.

#Famous and crowded surf beach is #majestic and calm at night, thats my favourite time to visit it. I'm not a #surfer, more of a sun tan professional :)

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