• Yulia Shadan

Sukishi Buffet (soup place) in MBK, Bangkok

Same name - two different experiences. We are a fans of BBQ style restaurants, its our ultimate place, especially when we are hungry! So we found a couple of places in Bangkok with same name, but different self-preparation styles. Sukishi Buffet and Sukishi Korean Charcoal Grill. 

If it sounds like something you would be interested in to have your lunch or dinner, then have a read through what we thought about both of them.

SUKISHI BUFFET aka "Make your own soup" place. Different experience. Must try.

We were super hungry after crazy Thailand shopping. At this point you just want to eat, as long as the  place looks more or less decent.

Sukishi Buffet - sounded Japanese, pictures looked seductive and place was packed - good sign! We went in :)

It reminded us of those Korean BBQ places , when you get different meat, vegetables and seafood and fry it yourself. This was the same story, BUT you'll have to choose food which passes you on a food train & cook it in a water or stock. When waiter asked us if we prefer water or stock (beef/chicken), we said that we don't need any of it (because we still thought it was one of those bbq places where you fry stuff lol), then waiter looked at us like we were very dumb and left us with two pots of water to boil). We were hungry and straight away thought- what a rude stuff! If only we knew - we were not in a bbq place...

Have a look at very short video (we just had to record it):

As you can see, food train is passing by and you take a plate with whatever you want to put inside your future soup. The secret is that each plate is different colour - meaning- different price. We had quite a few, it was still quite affordable at the end.

We just wish we knew what we were doing, as a result it was hard to enjoy the food, because we mixed all sorts of things together trying to get full :) 

Nevertheless, we assure you - its absolutely possible to enjoy and get addicted to this type of eating, and  we'll definitely go there again- we became a bit wiser by now.

There was more laughs and confusion for us at Sukishi Buffet, than anywhere else ever before,   but thats how we could get this funny experience and share it with you.

Bon Appetite guys!

 Here is the address of this place:

 Address: 444, MBK Center, 7th Floor, Room 7C-04, Phayathai Road, Pathumwan,

 Khet Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand


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